Indie Author Month!

Across the Darkling Sea coverWow, what a start to the April celebration of indie authors! Only four days in but my reading list is already piling up! Thank you so much for joining us. I might be biased, but I think Indie authors are driving some of the coolest trends around when it comes to fiction. As a rule, they are a group of inspiring and talented authors interested in knowing every angle of the writing business. I knew from the beginning I wanted to go indie, and it is so much fun participating in this dynamic community.

If you want to start at the beginning (and I know you do) check out Zach’s post from April 1st. You can follow the chain from there! There are also a TON of other festivities this month, so don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for information on giveaways, read alongs and other cool book related geekery.

As for me, I like it weird. I’m a sucker for monsters, stories about bizarre folklore and superstitions, and the strange sorts of creatures born from the darker aspects of the human psyche. I write fantasy, but I often pull from folklore in my writing. I’ve discovered over the years that truth often is far stranger than anything you encounter in fiction. I’ve got an impressive book collection on the occult.

You can find some of my writings on these topics here on this blog. As a sampling, you can find stories about the Malleus Maleficarum (talk about some dark and scary stuff, all non-fiction), or horrifying stories about people’s belief in fairies and changeling’s that I dug up while researching changelings for my current series of books (more on this topic below). I’ve got all sorts of monsters over here, such as the the Naga dragons of Cambodia or the Native American Paisa. And of course, I’m a geek, so there’s plenty of geekery to be had here.

I also love pie. This might be the most important thing about me.

What else… I am a beekeeper. I’ve got two hives in my backyard, and when I go out to work on them I wear the full beekeeping outfit. I always feel like quite the fashion star while doing this. I’ve got a pretty large garden where I grow about every sort of fruit or vegetable that will grow here in Colorado, and I pickle it and preserve it all through summer. And I travel quite a bit. I’ve been to well over twenty countries. Also, I’ve eaten maggots. That’s a thing you now know. (Also, I feel compelled to inform you that I will not do it again. Except maybe in the event of a zombie apocalypse.)

Magicless book coverAnd of course, I’m also a fantasy writer. I spin magic into words, the way Rumpelstiltskin weaves straw into gold, and let them free in the world in the hopes of entertaining some of you fine folks. I have two books out now. The first, Magicless, is a stand alone YA fantasy novel. Across the Darkling Sea is the first in a new series I’m writing, the second book (A Dying Land) will be available in June of this year. I can’t share the cover with you yet, but I will be sharing it with my newsletter subscribers next week so sign up if you are interested. I’m also looking for advanced reviewers for A Dying Land. If you are interested in getting an advanced copy to review, please shoot me an email and let me know.

So now you know a little bit about me. What about you? I’d love to hear some interesting tidbits about all of you, leave a little something in the comments if you would. Tomorrow, hop on over to for some Love From Mars, as well as some other stories.

Happy Reading,




If You Build It…

So it’s true. If you build it, they really will come.

I published a book. Magicless officially became available earlier this month and so far the feedback I’ve gotten is quite good. But this process has been quite an interesting one. I never realized I could feel such a wide swing of emotion in such a short timespan! Here is a series of gifs detailing what my last few months have been like.

I finished the novel and my edits – Damn that feels good!

Then I shipped it off to my editor – no biggie, I got this.

And then I got the edits back.

Finally, the editing was complete and I had a polished manuscript!

Then… then… *lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, the earth shakes* It was available on all the major online retailers and I announced it to my friends and family.

I was sick to my stomach for days (still am). I might scream for no reason or laugh hysterically at random moments. My hands shook, my knees were weak… people could buy the book! Would they? Would they like it? Do I suck? Should I have done this? What have I done!

And then some reviews came in, and people loved it!

And Magicless started selling at a good clip.

Our minds make our fears much bigger than they really are. Go after your dreams people. If you build it, they will come. Plus, it’s worth every terrifying moment.


Magicless Excerpt

Magicless book coverFollowing is an excerpt from my debut novel Magicless, a story about a young man born without magic in a world filled with it, and a young woman with magic that pulls her inexorably into a dangerous and unpredictable future.


Her normally tall and rigid posture was bent as if she were carrying some great weight. Her face was streaked—clearly she had been crying again, and her voice was heavy with exhaustion. Tredon eyed her warily as she approached, but said nothing.

“Tredon may be brash, but he is right.” Her strident manner was muted, and Magicless felt a pulse of compassion for her despite her years of brusque dismissal of him. She carried the weight not only of her loss but the losses of all of Aclay on her shoulders, even though many had willingly supported her plan. Read more

Magicless Cover Reveal!

I am excited to formally introduce all of you to Magicless, my debut young adult fantasy novel.  I am so excited to share the cover with you, and to finally see the product of all the weeks and months of hard work!

Magicless is available as an EBook (on Amazon), as well as in paperback and hardcover versions at all major book sellers.  If you like the cover, check out the designer at the following link.  WARNING: She’s awesome! book cover

Hard Cover Jacket

About Magicless:

Deep in the Oakwood, a boy is born without magic.

In a land where powers flow through one’s veins as naturally as water down a mountain stream, Micah is an aberration detested by everyone – everyone except Alekka, a gifted but solitary mage who understands the price of isolation.  Her sensitivity to the thoughts of others drives her to seek solace in the forests surrounding Aclay, a small village that has been living under a malevolent shadow for hundreds of years.

As fear and loss ravage the countryside, the two outcasts form an unlikely bond forged in loneliness and surrounded by the flickering silhouettes of destiny.  When their home is destroyed, the outcasts must join a volatile group of their peers on a journey that threatens to strip them of everything they cherish, imperil everything they’ve ever known, even force them to question the nature of reality itself.  Can they find the key to stemming the tide of darkness without losing themselves along the way?