A Dying Land – Cover Reveal!

A Dying Land CoverIt’s hard to believe, that A Dying Land is almost here, and I’m so excited to share the cover and blurb with you today!

A Dying Land is the second book in an epic fantasy/sword and sorcery serial series I’m currently working on. Each book is about 150 pages long, and a new book is released every January and June. It follows the trials and terrors of Ling, a young woman who discovers she’s actually a changeling.

She begins her journey in Across the Darkling Sea intent on finding the warlock that cursed her family and convincing him to break the curse. But she soon finds out there is much more going on than she ever could have imagined.

In A Dying Land Ling soon find herself embroiled in a centuries-long war between a species of magical beings called the Mari and the warlocks. She feels her original quest, to break the curse and restore Evelyn’s life, slipping from her fingers. How do you choose between saving those you love and saving… everyone else?

Evelyn always believed that warlocks and monsters were nothing more than fairy tales used by tired parents to scare their kids into staying in bed at night. The truth is far more terrifying.

Far from home and, with no one she can trust, Ling finds herself caught in the powerful currents of a centuries-long war that threatens the lives of everyone she holds most dear. As she journeys deep into the Colli Terra on the mythical island of Marique, she finds herself faced with a decision: Should she continue her single-minded quest to break the spell that holds her family in thrall? Or should she succumb to the pull of war and join a battle between two races fighting for their very survival?

I am currently looking to build a list of advanced readers for A Dying Land. If you are interested in getting an advanced eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest review, please email me at k @ kferrin.com.

For more adventures, please check out my currently stand-alone novel Magicless as well!


I Hate Fan Theories

I hate fan theoriesI have a confession to make. I hate fan theories. Whether about film, television, books or any other medium, I can’t stand them.

I get it. I really do. When I fall in love with a book the first thing I want to do (after I mourn leaving the world behind of course) is find other people who loved it as much as I did. I want to talk about the characters, I want to get their thoughts on that store twist I wasn’t expecting or the plot tidbit that was not wrapped up at the end, and malign the big bad, or whatever. The point is, I want to connect with other readers who loved the book too. Read more

Reviews: The Rampart Guards and Wake of Vultures

The Rampart Guards, Wendy Terrien

The Rampart Guards Cover

I don’t know what I would do if my mother went missing and my dad moved me to a boring small town out in the middle of nowhere, but Jason Lex is forced to deal with this very reality in the pages of Wendy Terrien’s book The Rampart Guards.

What I like most about The Rampart Guards is that there really isn’t a bad guy. The real world is a complicated place. There are no purely evil people, and even the vilest of humans often see themselves as the hero of their own story. This is the sort of antagonist you find in The Rampart Guards. A complicated antagonist who believes most fervently they are doing the right thing by everyone they love. Read more

Across the Darkling Sea Cover Release Announcement!

It takes a long time to write a book. It takes even longer to publish one. So it is with a great deal of excitement that I can finally announce the release of Across the Darkling Sea, book one in a new series!

Across the Darkling Sea officially releases on Amazon on January 1st. Though for you frequent blog visitors there might be (will be!) a way for you to score a copy early – keep your eye on the blog next week!

And now, ladies and gents, I present Across the Darkling Sea! Read more

Changelings in Folklore

fairy among flowers
Image from Pixabay.com

It all started with a bit of dialogue. Two lines of conversation between two shadowy, semi-formed figures, with no setting whatsoever behind them.

“What am I, Witch?”

“Child, why do you call me that after so many years? I don’t call you changeling, though indeed you are one.”

I didn’t know who these people were, what sort of a world they lived in, or what story they had to tell, but the idea one of them was a changeling caught hold of me and wouldn’t let go. Read more

Book Giveaway – October!

Book GiveawayGreetings fellow readers! I’m doing another book give away this month, and I have to say, these are probably my favorite blog posts. There are few things I love more than sharing books I love with other readers who I think will love them as much as I do.

I’ve got another  four (FOUR!) books to give away this month. The books are (Drumroll, please): Read more

Weekend Writing Warrior #7

Wow… it’s been a very long time since I’ve participated in Weekend Writing Warriors! Sometimes life just gets in the way, and this time around it was quitting a job that was terrible for my health and well-being, starting a new job, then buying a new home and all the fun stuff that goes along with moving.

My blogging has been feeble (understatement!), but my writing has been somewhat better. I’m roughly 40k words into a new novel, tentatively titled ‘Ling, about a young girl who wakes one day to discover she is not who she believes herself to be. Rather, she is a Changeling. A curse put on her parents by a desperate Warlock five long years ago.

Don’t forget to check out the other talented Weekend Writing Warriors posts today. You can find the full list at the following link.

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Blogger Book Fair – Emma Adams

Emma adamsFinally, the last entry for Blogger Book Fair (this makes me sad!).  Today we are going to the dark side with an author who finds inspiration by looking for the strange in everyday life.

…she can see into the Darkworld… and the darkness is staring back.

Ok, with a line like that on the back cover you know it’s going to be great! Darkness Watching is a supernatural/Paranormal young adult novel. Check out the full blurb: Read more

Blogger Book Fair – J.C. Conway

j.c. conwayJ.C. Conway’s passion for writing began in grade school with stories that typically involved dinosaurs, robots, giant insects, mass destruction, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he’s added to the list, and now writes romance, sci-fi and fantasy for middle-grade, young adult and adult readers. He has numerous short stories available to download, and his debut novel – Hearts in Ruin – is also available now! You can find all his writing at www.jcconway.com

On to some of his short stories! Read more

Blogger Book Fair – Ashley R. Carlson

ashley r. carlsonA neurotic german shepherd, a serene Mexican mutt, and a cat who owns the world title for “bitchy” kick off today’s Blogger Book Fair post! These three make up quite the writing group for author Ashley R. Carlson!

Ashley is the author of the short story Cruel, and the soon-to-be-released steampunk novel The Charismatics. She lives in the “bowels of hell” (as she calls it during the summer months) of Scottsdale Arizona – bowels of hell indeed! I can’t imagine the heat!

Ashley’s been writing for years, but it was a 2013 stint in NaNoWriMo that really kicked her passion for writing into full gear. So much so that she quit her job to write full time, cranking out her novel The Charismatics in just four months – pretty damn epic if you ask me!

And now onto the book! Read more