Happy 2017 Now Get to Work!

get to work
Artwork Courtesy of Pixabay.com

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and an amazing new year. I took the week between Xmas and New Years off and it was glorious. I didn’t play much. Instead I got to work. I wrote half of book three of the current Ling series! I also spent a fair amount of time playing on the new Playstation and learning the ropes on No Man’s Sky (more on that later).

I also spent a fair amount of time thinking about what I would like to get done in 2017 for my writing business. I am a very goal oriented person. Honestly, I have to be. If I don’t break giant projects into tiny bite sized pieces I’ll become overwhelmed at the work in front of me and I’ll never even get started. So, I thought I’d share my plans for 2017 with you, and give you maybe a tiny sneak peek at what’s headed your way this year. Read more