If You Build It

So, I published a book.  Magicless officially became available earlier this month and so far the feedback I’ve gotten is quite good.  But this process has been quite an interesting one.  I never realized I could feel such a wide swing of emotion in such a short timespan!  Here is a gif of what my last few months have been like.

I finished the novel and my edits – Damn that feels good!

Then I shipped it off to my editor – no biggie, I got this.

And then I got the edits back.

Finally, the editing was complete and I had a polished manuscript!

Then… then… *lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, the earth shakes* It was available on all the major online retailers and I announced it to my friends and family.

I was sick to my stomach for days (still am). I might scream for no reason or laugh hysterically at random moments. My hands shook, my knees were weak… people could buy the book! Would they? Would they like it? Do I suck? Should I have done this? What have I done!

And then some reviews came in, and people loved it!



And Magicless started selling at a good clip.

Our minds make our fears much bigger than they really are. Go after your dreams people. It is worth every terrifying moment.


Summer Reading List

It took me well into Summer to finish up my winter reading list – one of the hazards of taking on a day job!  But I’ve finished the last book on that list and the last of the reviews will be out soon.  My summer reading list consists of books I’ve pulled from my Twitter peeps.  I’ve met some great writers over the last months and I am so excited to check out their writing!

  • Born of Water by Autumn M. Birt
  • Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone
  • Jerebel by Rebecca A. Davis
  • Daughter of the Blood, by Anne Bishop
  • Melusine, by Sarah Monette

Happy reading!



Send Me Some More!

Let’s have some more fun today folks!  Send me the below items to win a free signed hard-cover first edition of Magicless!

  1. Send me a Rick Roll.
  2. Send me a pic of you putting your left hand in.
  3. Unicorns… GO!
  4. Send me the answer to the following question:  Who is Oona?
  5. Send me a My Little Pony meme.


Send information/images to @ScrivK on Twitter.  The person who sends me all five items first will win the signed first edition.  If we don’t make it all the way through the list the prize will go to whomever sends the most items.




Send Me!

Let’s have some fun this Thursday morning!  Send me as many of the below listed items as you can, as fast as you can, and I’ll give you a free autographed hardcover of my newly released novel Magicless!  Send them on Twitter (@ScrivK).

  1. Send me a picture or video of you doing a Loony-Gooney dance across the kitchen floor.
  2. Send me a snapshot of something silly you put into the world that was not there before (can be in the physical world or out onto the interwebs).
  3. Send me the answer to the question: How many Skeksies are there?
  4. Send me the location of Waldo.
  5. Send me a pic of what you are eating, and make it good!

The first person to send me all of these will win an autographed hardcover of Magicless.  If we don’t make it through the entire list the prize will go to the person who sends the most items.




Teaser Tuesday – Magicless Excerpt

Following is an excerpt from my debut novel Magicless, a story about a young man born without magic in a world filled with it, and a young woman with magic that pulls her inexorably into a dangerous and unpredictable future.


Her normally tall and rigid posture was bent as if she were carrying some great weight. Her face was streaked—clearly she had been crying again, and her voice was heavy with exhaustion. Tredon eyed her warily as she approached, but said nothing.

“Tredon may be brash, but he is right.” Her strident manner was muted, and Magicless felt a pulse of compassion for her despite her years of brusque dismissal of him. She carried the weight not only of her loss but the losses of all of Aclay on her shoulders, even though many had willingly supported her plan.

“We cannot continue to allow him to steal from us. We cannot continue to let him abuse us in such a way. We need to stop him. We need to protect our people.” She looked out at the crowd, pinning each and every person with her gaze as she spoke. More than a few squirmed as she turned her eyes upon them.

“Leali is right. His profound imbalance threatens everything. He must be stopped.”

Magicless’ jaw dropped in surprise as the rich, velvety tones of Alekka’s voice blanketed the room. She never spoke up in a group such as this. He was not the only one surprised. A soft murmur broke out in the room as they absorbed her words.

“But we cannot risk our villages anymore, Tredon.” She turned to look at him. “We cannot ask all the people of Aclay to pay for our actions. We go, but we go alone. And we go in search of the Bogul Noz.”




Some Fun Magicless Swag

Love the books and want to sport some Magicless gear?  We’ve got you covered!  Check out our selection of fun Magicless gear at the Bookish Swag link on this website, or you can go to the Bookish Swag site where you can customize the teeshirt to the color, size, and tee style you like best here: http://www.zazzle.com/bookishswag

Here are some of the fun things we’ve got available.  Remember, you can customize!

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And for some absolute silliness:

Flip Flops!

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Have fun!



Magicless Inspired Artwork

Over the course of writing the book I had a couple pieces of artwork created in addition to the cover.  First, I created a character sketch of one of the characters from the book, Noz.  He is not a central character, but he plays a pretty important role within the book.



I also had an artist put together an image of one of the scenes from the book.  This was an early draft, if you look at the cover you can see the characters changed a bit.

Scene from Magicless

Scene from Magicless

Magicless is now available online through all major retailers.  The ebook is only available through Amazon.



Magicless Cover Reveal!

I am excited to formally introduce all of you to Magicless, my debut young adult fantasy novel.  I am so excited to share the cover with you, and to finally see the product of all the weeks and months of hard work!

Magicless is available as an EBook (on Amazon), as well as in paperback and hardcover versions at all major book sellers.  If you like the cover, check out the designer at the following link.  WARNING: She’s awesome! http://www.ravven.com/blog/portfolio/Hard Cover Jacket

Hard Cover Jacket
About Magicless:

Deep in the Oakwood, a boy is born without magic.

In a land where powers flow through one’s veins as naturally as water down a mountain stream, Micah is an aberration detested by everyone – everyone except Alekka, a gifted but solitary mage who understands the price of isolation.  Her sensitivity to the thoughts of others drives her to seek solace in the forests surrounding Aclay, a small village that has been living under a malevolent shadow for hundreds of years.

As fear and loss ravage the countryside, the two outcasts form an unlikely bond forged in loneliness and surrounded by the flickering silhouettes of destiny.  When their home is destroyed, the outcasts must join a volatile group of their peers on a journey that threatens to strip them of everything they cherish, imperil everything they’ve ever known, even force them to question the nature of reality itself.  Can they find the key to stemming the tide of darkness without losing themselves along the way?




Book Release Details

Buy-All-The-Books!I knew planning the details for the launch of my debut young adult epic fantasy novel #Magicless would be fun, but reality is so much better than imagination in this case!  I’ve got a slew of stuff planned for the month of July, leading up to the book launch itself on July 18th, and here are the details!

  • Launch Party: Details coming soon! Let’s just say, there will be balloons. 
  • Sneak Peaks: I’ll be posting sneak peaks from #Magicless on my blog every Tuesday for the month of July.
  • During the week of 7/14 I’ll be giving away free autographed hard-covers of #Magicless as well as book themed swag (goodies) with fun Twitter contests, stay tuned for details!
  • Launch weekend (7/18 – 7/20)  the ebook will be FREE on Amazon.com
  • During the first Saturday of the launch, (July 19th), send a receipt of your purchase of a print book to @ScrivK and get a free t-shirt of your choice.  You can see the Tee’s here: http://www.zazzle.com/bookishswag



Bias in SF and Fantasy Revews

There is a lot of debate regarding whether there is gender bias within the sci-fi/fantasy genres.  A lot of what is thrown around on the interwebs are opinions rather than objective analysis based on data.  Being the analytical person I am, I thought I’d do a mini-analysis myself and see what the data suggests about this gender bias.

I pulled a query on sci-fi/fantasy books on Amazon and ranked it in descending order by the number of reviews.  I logged the name of the book, the author, the sex of the author, and the number of customer reviews for the top 100 books on that list.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • I used Amazon’s definition of sci-fi/fantasy.  This is somewhat problematic in that some books were clearly included in error (such as Gone with Wind).  I did not interfere with Amazon’s algorithm, I did not want to introduce any of my own bias into the data
  • I counted customer reviews only
  • This data is volatile and changes with every new review submitted, so each time this query is run you will see variations in the data
  • This is a small sample (top 100 books ranked by # of reviews), but it does come from a very large source (arguably the largest source) of customer reviews of sci-fi/fantasy on the internet

Here are the results of the analysis:



There is a clear and dramatic bias in the reviews being done on authors within the sci-fi/fantasy genre’s on Amazon.com that favors male authors.  The implications for this are far reaching.  Amazon uses these reviews as a decision mechanism for inclusion in their “You might like” lists as well as their book spotlight positions.  If an author is not getting reviewed it may preclude them from gaining this extra visibility on Amazon itself and impact book sales, perpetuating the problem.

Additionally, people often use Amazon reviews to determine whether or not to purchase a book.  I do this frequently myself.  My book club uses reviews as well, frequently including them in our ‘pitches’ when trying to decide which book to read next.  The extent to which these reviews convince readers to purchase a book reflects directly on the ability of the author to make sales, enhance their bank accounts, but more importantly, to make it onto high profile Best Seller lists such as the New York Times.

This is a problem within the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and it is a problem that it is quite easy to fix (see my post A Light in the Dark: How Writers Create Social Change) by simply ensuring you are reading authors of diverse backgrounds and that you are reviewing them publicly on sites like Amazon and GoodReads, not just on your blog.


By the way, who do you think the review-hog authors were?  Tweet your guesses to @ScrivK or comment below.